How To Get The Best Frizz-Free Beach Waves

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Simple, frizz-fighting tips and techniques by Strength x Beauty Hair Care

Fighting frizz can seem like a summer-long battle, but here are two simple tips to keep your hair looking great in the heat:

Fact: The More Hydrated Your Hair Is, The Less It Will Frizz

Frizz is caused by your hair absorbing humidity from the air around you. What you may not know is that the more moisture your hair already has, the less likely you'll even need to fight frizz.

The two best ways to keep your hair frizz free are to 1. hydrate the inner cortex and 2. humidity proof the exterior, or cuticle.

1. The 2 best ways to keep your hair naturally hydrated:

  • Double condition in the shower: Conditioning twice in summertime is the key to keeping your hair (especially dry or curly hair) well-hydrated. First, wet the hair and squeeze out excess moisture and apply a deeply hydrating conditioner. This will send moisture deep into the cortex, then you'll rinse and shampoo to lock it in (the ph of shampoo closes the cuticle, holding in the moisture). After rinsing the shampoo, then lightly condition again, concentrating on the ends to seal the cuticle of the hair closed.
  • Add Hyaluronic Acid to your hair routine. Hyaluronic acid has long been used to ultra-hydrate the skin, but did you know it's the best ingredient to keep moisture in the hair too? Yep, a Hyaluronic Mist applied to wet hair locks in up to 100x more hydration than it would normally hold and it makes your waves and curls much more defined too. It works just as great after a dip in the pool or sea, so be sure to take it along in your beach bag!

2. Next, humidity-proof your strands:

  • Use a creme-based product with thermal protection: Gels and mousses can get sticky, crisp or flyaway in summer. Using a cream-based styler for thicker hair or light, cream-based spray for finer hair keeps your waves and curls pliable and soft to the touch while defining and protecting your strands from the heat.
  • Use 2x more product than you usually do: The biggest mistake we see in summer is our customers just not applying enough product. We always recommend you apply twice, evenly spreading your product throughout out the hair from root to tip on first run, and then mid strand to ends on the second. After applying, gently squeeze or press waves into place or use a diffuser on low heat.

Now, you can say goodbye to frizz for good!


Strength x Beauty Team

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