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We use only quality, clean ingredients in our hair products and skin care.

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Sulfates are bad for you, your hair and your scalp. Plus, they increase the chance of hair loss, hair fall and thinning hair by 8x. Here's what we use to make our shampoo lather instead.

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You can have stronger, thicker and healthier hair, every time you use our vegan hair products.

That's because we've added Keravis PE, a plant-based keratin protein that's been clinically proven to reduce hair loss, prevent hair fall and make your hair look and feel thicker and stronger every time you use it.

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- Clean hair products that won't harm you, our planet or any living thing. We use only clean, cruelty-free ingredients and offer vegan and gluten-free hair products in sustainable, recyclable packaging.

- Sulfate and sodium free shampoos and conditioners with a rich, creamy lather: Coconut and jojoba oils give you the shampoo lather you love, without the harm. Concentrated formulas and lathering shampoos that use less water to make and last you longer.

- Conditioners that repair + hydrate but don't weigh you down: Our weightless conditioners instantly hydrate and detangle, yet leave your hair with tons of body and shine.

- High performance, clean hair styling products: We've developed styling products that work even better, and that's a promise.

- Luxury clean ingredients, better pricing: We offer the same high-quality, luxury ingredients the more expensive brands do, for less.

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We're proud to be a clean beauty brand. Our hair care products are mostly gluten-free and vegan, all are cruelty free.

Our new 'crossover' multi-tasking skin + hair collection is certified organic, as well as vegan and cruelty free, too.

We'll never use known cancer causing chemicals and we're committed to using sustainable packaging.

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You've likely heard the term minimalist beauty and may be wondering what it is and if it's a fit for you and your lifestyle.

So what exactly does minimalist beauty mean?

In a nutshell, it's all about simplifying your beauty routine, buying fewer products, and limiting how many ingredients you're exposing your body to with natural, organic, and multi-use crossover beauty products.

Read on for our breakdown of the four goals a beauty product must hit to be considered truly minimalist, why it's trending now and why you should consider embracing it too.



I've been using the Pure Shampoo and Beautiful Leave In and my hair has been totally transformed! it's soft and shiny and looks so healthy. So happy I decided to try these products!

- Nancy C.


I love that these products are so good and that the brand cares about using clean ingredients. I use Perfect and Unbreakable and honestly my hair has never looked or felt better.

- Nicola R.

Love My Waves!

I love the way my waves come out when I use Beachy, my hair feels great. It's super soft, manageable and no frizz! It smells nice too. I recommend this brand to all my friends!

- Ryann B.

Soft, Silky Hair

Using this elixir has completely changed my hair texture. It leaves my hair soft and smooth and it feels so much healthier. I've tried many other leave-ins but none even come close.

- Marisa L.

by Iris Goldsztajn | SHAPE Magazine

The Benefits of 'Upside-Down Hair Washing' Tik Tok Trend

Avid followers of #HairTok might have noticed a simple hair hack that's doing the rounds on TikTok: upside down hair washing. The trend — which simply consists of tilting your head forward and applying, then rinsing,with your hair over your face — has inspired countelss creators to document their experience with it, with some of the most popular videos garnering millions of views.

But why are people washing their hair upside down? Well, TikTok users claim this method creates more volume and leaves the hair feeling cleaner and more hydrated, among other potential benefits. 

Before you try it for yourself, read what hair experts like Lisa Abbey at Strength x Beauty have to say about the method.

Lisa Fogarty |

How To Control Hair Static

Hair static creeps up on you when you least expect it and can leave you looking like you just put your finger in an electrical outlet.

If you’ve always wondered what’s to blame for hair static, look no further than a cold, dry winter and a lack of moisturizing products to tackle the problem before it starts.

 “Static electricity in the hair is caused by a few main factors,” says Lisa Abbey, founder | CEO of Strength x Beauty clean hair care. “Low humidity in the air is a main factor, which is why it’s so common in fall and winter. An absence of moisture in the hair contributes to the amount of static you’ll have.

Fine or thinning hair is more ‘lightweight’ and therefore more
prone to static. Those with dry hair and colored-treated hair typically also experience more static than those with healthy hair.” 

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