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What We Mean By Clean

We're free of:

Parabens, sulfates, pthalates, gluten, chemical sunscreens, SLE and SLES, silicones, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, toluene, PEG's, EDTA's, BHA, BHT, triclosan, mineral oils or petrolatum. Our products are gluten-free with no wheat or wheat by-products, cruelty free and almost 100% vegan.

The majority of our line is completely free of any animal-derived by-products; our non-vegan products currently contain keratin proteins derived from the oils found in sheeps' wool after they've been sheared, however we will soon be switching to a plant-derived keratin, perfect for those that prefer no animal-derived ingredients at all.

Sustainability and recyclability:

We use bottles made with sustainable bio-resin (sugarcane) HDPE and are designing remove-before-recycling labels to help keep our planet healthy and clean.

Our promise:

We promise you that we will always strive to keep our product ingredients updated to reflect the continually evolving standards of clean beauty.