Social Distance Hair: Making It Work From Home

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Hey beauties hang in there, we're with ya.
We're staying home (boring) and working from our living rooms just like you are (and yea, we're in our pj's and yoga gear too, lol). 
We're also facing the challenge of coming up with ways to keep our hair looking 'zoom- ready' when we really just want to skip the shower and push that blowout just one more day. 
Here are some styling ideas from our staff to hide those greasy roots, power-up limp bedhead and hide peek-a-boo regrowth:
Hit the reset button on oily hair and double down with our Virtuous Ultimate Dry Shampoo.
Spray double the normal amount in the root area of 2" sections, working from your hairline back to the crown of your headLet dry, then massage the roots  with your fingertips to fluff hair and remove any powder. Finish ends with flat iron or a curling wand for soft waves.
Pump up the volume of limp hair with Iconic Volume | Texture Spray.
Part hair into 2" sections. Spray liberally in the root area of each section and lightly through the ends to add volume + texture. Flip head over, massage the texture spray through hair and shake it out. Flip back up and pull hair into a high pony or loop the pony tail length around the base and secure with bobby pins for a soft, loose bun.
Dress up a simple 'do with fun, brightly colored accessories.
Those scarves and wraps we've dug out of the closet to create 'cooler than a mask' face covers also make a simple side pony or braid look classic and chic.
Hint: use a toothbrush and a little leave-in conditioner (or texture spray) to smooth stray hairs for a more polished look.

Hide pesky grey hair and color regrowth with a deep side part or a sleek headband.

For a deeper part, spray the volume texture spray through the roots and flip head over to shake and fluff. Flipping head back, sweep one side over to the other to create fullness and volume (and hide the roots). Or, pull hair back, add a headband at the hairline and viola! No more roots.                                                      

Stay strong, stay cute and carry on 🖤


The beauty team

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