How To Condition Like A Pro | The Best Conditioners For Healthy Shiny Hair

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What we've learned after seeing ourselves all day on zoom: the importance of having super-hydrated, healthy-looking hair with glossy shine.

The use of at-home treatments and hair masques has increased by over 30%.  Great! This means we're going to have healthier hair than ever.

Healthy, shiny, super-smooth hair is the new standard.

Here's how you can meet the bar: 5 conditioning tips from our pro's:

Tip # 1: Always Condition. Not doing so is like skipping moisturizer on your face (Um, you wouldn't).

Stylists often hear "I don't always use conditioner because it makes my hair flat"If this is you, it's because you're using the wrong type of conditioner:

  • Use a Protein-based conditioner to build up weak, damaged or limp hair.
  • Use a Moisture-based conditioner to calm and smooth thick, coarse or dry hair.
  • For super-fine hair, condition first then shampoo. (See below).                   

Tip # 2: (Pro Tip) Back-To-Back Conditioning. We do this in the salon (and it's why you say your hair always looks so much better when we do it). Forget about shampoo first, then condition. This trick is way, way better:

Did you know that the ph of water opens the hair cuticle and the ph of shampoo closes it, meaning that the the absolute best time to deep condition is in between?

By adding this simple step, you'll lock in moisture, making your hair stronger and more elastic. Say goodbye to brittle ends and breakage by doing this:

  • Fine, limp hair: wet hair thoroughly and squeeze out excess water. Apply a light, protein-enriched conditioner like our protein & flower extract-infused LumInous Conditioner. Let penetrate for 2-3 minutes, then rinse and shampoo. You'll get all the benefits of conditioning, without the weight.
  • Medium texture and colored hair: Do the same as above, but follow you shampoo with a final dose of conditioner to seal in shine. 
  • Coarse, curly, bleached or damaged hair: These hair types need the most hydration of all, so in the pre-shampoo conditioning step use Sleek Hydrating Conditioner, then follow with shampoo and your protein conditioner to seal in shine and silkiness.

Tip #3: Alternate with a Co-Wash. Just about everyone is off sulfates and parabens, and that's great. But for dry, dull hair alternating with a conditioning (co-) wash is even better. Non-lathering, rich, thick co-washes bathe your hair in the moisture it craves while healing split ends and conquering frizz. Try our Dreamy Hydrating Co-Wash and see the difference after just one wash.

Tip # 4: Follow through with your styling. with so much use of heated wands and irons it's equally important to protect your hair out of the shower. Choose styling balms, sprays and serums that provide thermal protection. Unbreakable Strengthening Serum smooths and strengthens, and also contains a UV shield to protect your hair against the sun and pollution.

Tip 5: Get a salon treatment at least every other visit. Salons carry professional and often more potent versions of what we use at home and it's especially important to have a treatment prior to a haircut (less will need to come off, we promise) and post-color services. So book yours now!


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