Simple tips for glowing skin, all year round

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Dry air, travel, tanning, makeup, face powder and bronzers can make the skin look aged and dry, dull or even flaky. Here's a super simple trick (and #1 beauty go-to) from Strength x Beauty CEO Lisa Abbey, to keep your skin glowing at all times and it won't break your budget - face mist.

Here's a bunch of ways it can save the day:


  • Use moisturizing face mist daily before make up (or alone for a simple natural glow) to add a powerful dose of plumping and hydrating h2o and antioxidants.
  • Lightly mist over entire face immediately after applying makeup to set and hold it, eliminate any powdery, dry finish and add youthful dewiness. 
  • Especially when travelling or on-the-go, mist face frequently to combat dry, tight skin, soothe and add an instant glow.
  • Mist lightly over entire head to fight frizz (the right kind of moisture actually calms hair down).
  • Spritz on tips to smooth, add shine and refresh 'bedhead'.
  • Spray over mid-shaft and ends to instantly eliminate hair static.


  • Spray over dry flaky skin (like when your tan is fading, leaving behind dryness on shins, shoulders and chest) to 'disappear' those flakes.

You'll wonder how you ever lived without it :)

XO, Strength x Beauty Team

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  • Love, love, LOVE!!

    Linda A Monti-Figlia on
  • This sounds amazing! Can’t wait to try it!

    Jazmin Mooney on

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