Here's How To Get A Full Week Out Of Your Blow Out

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Plan ahead - create a 'look book' for the week and rock glamorous, from sleek to tousled and back again!
Days 1-2: Start smooth & sleek: 
  • day 1- get a fresh, smooth & straight blow out
  • day 2 - Place a few spritzes of dry shampoo on your fingers, flip head and fluff roots, then smooth leave-in conditioner over the ends to refresh original blowout, retouching lightly with flat iron if needed.
Day 3: Start to go 'au natural':
  • day 3- your hair will start to transition into a wavier texture by day 3 - don't fight it! Lightly dry shampoo the roots & then add a palmful of your leave-in conditioner (we love Flygirls' Instant Beauty Balm because it never gets oily or tacky, no matter how much you use) working thru mid-shaft and ends, and squeezing or 'scrunching' hair into texture-y natural looking waves. 
Days 4-5: Add texture & tousle:                    
  • day 4 - flip head over, spray dry shampoo really liberally through roots for a super textured finish and shake hair out. Flip head back over and use a wand or curling iron to add additional texture and body through mid-shaft and ends. 
  • day 5 - pull crown up into a sexy top knot, secure with a decorative cuff and retouch wavy ends with wand if needed.
Day 6: Up and away:
  • Brush hair through thoroughly to distribute natural oils and create a smooth finish. Pull hair into a sleek pony or bun, smoothing fly-aways around hairline or dry looking ends with your leave-in conditioner if needed. Or braid the mid-section, leaving ends wavy.
Day 7: start over!

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