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2021: Time To Commit To Cleaning Up Your Beauty Routine


You're seeing it everywhere, and it's truly so key to healthy, glowing beauty:  This years' Beauty goal is all about going clean.

It's time to reset, detox our routine and start clean. Time to get away from all the unhealthy chemicals that drag us down and dull our glow.

Cosmetics, skin care companies and hair care companies are now recognizing how harmful many of the standard ingredients that have been used for years are to both you and our planet. We do too; here's how we're stepping up and cleaning up.

Your part in protecting your body from these bad chemicals is to introduce  clean brands into your life. Simply put, if your products aren't clean it's time to move on.

We can help. We've already removed ingredients that are identified as 'bad for you' from our hair care products and replaced them with natural things like echinacea, chamomile, blueberry and sunflower, dandelion, coconut and argan oils. And we are committed to keeping up with the ever-changing requirements to being clean and as always, cruelty-free.

What we've changed (and you should too):

We've removed all the potentially bad stuff, including parabens that interfere with estrogen protection and sulfates that dry out the hair and scalp, clog pores and increase the chance of hair loss or thinning by 800%.

BHA and BHT can induce allergic reactions in the skin and the International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies BHA as a possible human carcinogen. We've also said goodbye! to synthetic dyes, pthalates and silicones

Plus, we've switched out all our wheat proteins for vegetable-based, added Keravis PE (a vegan-derived keratin, clinically proven to make your hair stronger and more lustrous) and marine collagen! So our line is not only clean, it's gluten-free and mostly vegan too. That's good for you, good for your hair and good for our planet.

We've created two amazing offers to get you started on your way to clean:

Our Pure and Luminous 'Clean' Shine Duo and Smooth and Sleek Hydrating Duo are both only $20.21 this month. That's a $26 savings per set.

As we enter a new year and a fresh new beginning, let’s all commit to letting our beauty shine through naturally.  And, most importantly, here’s to a cleaner, more beautiful you!

Thanks for letting us be a part of your journey—

 XO, the Strength x Beauty Team


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