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We hear you. Here's what you need to know:

1. How do I know what kind of shampoo and conditioner is best for my hair?

- First, Always reach for clean beauty formulas. Parabens, Sulfates, EDTA's, BHT, BHA and synthetic dyes are all no-no's and bad for your health and your hair. * For more on Clean Beauty, read Clean Up Your Beauty Routine here.

- If you hair is coarse, dry or very curly you need moisture most of all, so you'll want to stick with a hydrating formula. If you are keratin treated, look for a sodium-free wash. Try SmoothSleek or Dreamy  depending on your hair type.

- If your hair is fine and limp or heathy and slightly wavy or straight, you need body. Go for a sulfate-free lightweight cleansing shampoo and a protein-enriched conditioner - they'll give your hair body and shine and extend your hair color. In our line, we recommend Pure and Luminous.

2. My hair is flat and limp, but it needs conditioning. I've been told to only condition the ends - is that true?

- That's a no, because all of your hair (and your scalp) needs conditioning. Here's a great tip you may not already know: Conditioning before you shampoo is better than after for fine hair; it conditions just as well and leaves your hair fuller. Try it and you'll see an amazing difference.

3. Should I care more about sulfate-free or sodium-free?

- It depends. Sulfate free is best for everyone. A sulfate and sodium-free co-wash is even better if your hair is dry, damaged, hi-lift blonde or keratin-treated.

4. Why doesn't sulfate-free shampoo lather?

- In the past, it didn't. Sulfates are inexpensive bulk surfactants used in anything that needs to bubble (think dish and laundry detergent and even your face wash and shampoo). The better hair care brands have removed them because they are incredibly drying and increase hair loss. Many brands, like ours, have replaced them with natural emulsifiers like coconut oils that create a luxurious lather without the harm. If yours doesn't, it's time to make a switch.

5. My scalp sometimes gets flaky but medicinal shampoos make my hair so dry, and my flakes worse! What do you recommend?

- This simple trick works wonders; condition your scalp. Just like the rest of your body, the skin on your scalp dries out and needs moisturizing too. In the shower, just massage conditioner into your scalp and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing with cool water and those flakes will disappear.

6. Do purple shampoos really work?

- Yes, they help. BUT in shampoo, most of the 'color correction' washes out when you rinse. We use reflective violet mica in our Perfect Blow Dry Serum - it cools brassiness, makes your tone more icy, plus adds brilliant shine - and it lasts because you apply it after the shower!

7. How often should I shampoo and/or use dry shampoo?

- If your hair is oily or you work out every day, you may need to shampoo daily. Otherwise, every 2-3 days is sufficient, especially if you use a good dry shampoo on non-shower days. Shoot for a 'clean' lightweight formula like our Virtuous Ultimate Dry Shampoo, not one heavy with powder, which ends up making your hair feel even dirtier.

- if you shower at night but wake up feeling a little oily or unwashed, spray dry shampoo liberally thought your roots before hitting the sack and you'll wake up with clean, fresh-smelling hair.

8. My hair feels like it's getting thinner, and it's really fragile around the hairline, what will help?

- Using clean, sulfate-free products will help. Also make sure you are getting enough protein and vitamins K and biotin in your diet to help build keratin and strengthen both hair and nails. You can also offset a thin feel and/or breakage by using a strengthening hair product. We (and our customers!) swear by Unbreakable Strengthening Serum - it's non-oily and it makes your strands more elastic so they won't snap plus it makes your hair feel thicker.

9. How do I keep frizz at bay?

- The most important step is to make sure your hair is hydrated by using a hydrating primer like our award-winning Beautiful Leave-In Elixir before applying your styling products, because if your hair is already hydrated it won't absorb moisture from the air and frizz up.

- The second key step is using a product with keratin to seal the hair cuticle, which keeps your hair shiny and smooth in humidity. Our Perfect Blow Dry Serum (for body) and Polished Smoothing Balm (for straightening) are both keratin and Keravis PE-infused to keep your hair smooth and frizz-free.

10. How do I lock in curls and waves, but prevent from heat damage?

- The same as above; keratin-based products lock in curls and waves and protect from heat damage by coating the hair with a protective seal that locks in styling and shine.

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Here's to strong, beautiful hair, every day!

XO, The Strength x Beauty Team

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