The The real reason you should stop washing your hair every day

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The real reason you should stop washing your hair every day:

by Carrie Madormo, RN, MPH

Chances are, this morning you brewed some coffee, checked your email, and hopped in the shower to wash your hair. Maybe you even had some green juice if you were really on top of things. The problem is, this daily habit of washing our hair is probably doing more harm than good. Not only can daily shampooing lead to dry, brittle hair, but it wastes your body's natural conditioner by washing it away.

I spoke with stylists and colorists to learn exactly why daily shampooing is so damaging, and what to do about it. Here’s what they said:

 Your shampoo may be too harsh

I interviewed veteran hairstylist and founder of the Strength x Beauty clean hair care brand, Lisa Abbey about why daily shampooing can actually damage your hair. Abbey explained her number one reason for limiting hair washing for her clients is that most shampoos are just too strong for our hair. "The majority of shampoos on the market today contain sulfates — which in layman's terms are simply degreasing detergents, also used in household cleaning products, car wash soaps, etc," she shared. "Not something we need or want in our hair."

Abbey explained sulfates harshly strip our hair of its oils and nutrients. "It has also been discovered that the regular use of products containing 10% or more sulfates increases hair thinning and loss up to eight times [of normal risk]," explains Abbey. "They also strip the hair of much-needed natural moisture, fade natural and artificial hair color and remove smoothing treatments." Yikes! Maybe a little oil isn't so bad.

 So how can we tell if our shampoo is safe? First check the label. Abbey recommends sticking with sulfate-free shampoos, like Pure No Sulfate Shampoo and Smooth Hydrating Shampoo by Strength x Beauty.

Next, pay attention to the shampoo next time you're in the shower. "If it lathers a too much, it may [contain sulfates]," she explains. "Healthier options provide a softer lather via ingredients like coconut oil and cleanse the hair completely, leaving it feeling much more hydrated and soft, but not limp."

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