Is Your Hair Thinning? Here's What You Can Do About it.

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Experiencing Thinning Hair, Hair Loss or Hair Fall?
You are NOT alone: many women are experiencing increased hair loss. There are multiple reasons this is happening; stress and hormonal changes affect hair loss greatly and though you may not realize it, the chemicals in your shampoos and conditioners can be a cause too.  

1. Stress related hair fall: Especially now, the stress of Covid and 'long hauler' syndrome are adding to daily stress levels, causing many to experience increased thinning, hair loss or hair fall. 

What you can do: Focusing on your health and lowering stress levels can help more than you think. Making time for daily stress-reducing activities like yoga, walking, breathing exercises and meditation reduce the release of the toxin cortisol, which contributes to hair loss and thinning.
2. Hormonal changes: At certain ages, women's changing hormones can affect and increase natural hair loss. 
What you can do: Making sure that you're getting enough of nutrients like Biotin and Vitamin K can help slow or stop the process. We've also found that collagen liquids and supplements can help keep your hair thicker, stronger and add shine.
3. Chemical-induced hair fall: It has been found that the regular use of chemicals such as sulfates, parabens and synthetic dyes in your hair care products can increase the chances of hair thinning and hair fall up to 8x more than if you are using 'clean' hair care products. We've created a line of clean hair care to keep you and your hair healthy and strong and lessen the chances of thinning hair, hair loss or hair fall. 
What you can do: Eliminate sulfates, the #1 contributor to thinning hair. For years complaints about sulfates have been among the most common made to the FDA in regard to skin and scalp irritation. The American Journal of Toxicology concluded that sulfates damage the hair follicles and scalp, slowing hair growth by as much as 8 times the normal rate and are a main contributing factor to thinning hair and hair loss.
The myth about sulfate-free shampoos: They don't lather. NOT true: the better brands like ours have substituted sulfates in our Pure No Sulfate Shampoo and Smooth Hydrating Shampoo with natural emollients such as coconut, jojoba and argan oils that create a creamy, gentle lather. These natural, non-sulfate emulsifiers are more hydrating and healthier for you too.
All of the products in our clean hair care line are paraben, sodium and sulfate-free.They're also gluten-free and/or vegan and cruelty-free. So here's to cleaner, gentler hair care products and thicker, shinier, healthier hair.
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