2022: Clean Is The New Beautiful

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Why are we obsessed with clean beauty?
Like clean eating, using clean ingredients in our beauty and self-care products is crucial in terms of wellness because what we put ON our bodies is just as important as what we put IN them. Let us help you make 2022 the year you go totally clean!
Many beauty products still contain ingredients that can cause bodily harm - including cancers, skin or scalp irritation and hair loss - but the FDA regulates very few. To date, only 11 ingredients are currently banned in the U.S., compared to over 1,300 in Europe and in the rest of the world.
In response, many new beauty startups like ours have begun identifying and removing ingredients that have been discovered to be harmful to human health or the environment. We continually update our “dirty list” of ingredients that are considered harmful and have additionally added sustainabable packaging and sourcing ethics to our definition of clean. Taking a stance against 'unclean ingredient' use is something we are proud to stand behind and strive to promote as THE beauty standard. 
We focus on natural (water, plant, mineral and animal-based), cruelty-free and sustainable ingredients. Below is our current 'Dirty Dozen' list and the substitutions we've made or are making to eliminate them from our products.
Unlike larger mass-produced hair care and beauty brands, we create all of our products using a small batch, hand-crafted process so that we are able to continually pivot to meet the ever-evolving 'clean' standard:
  • SLS/SLES/Sulfates | natural coconut oil and coconut water emusifiers
  • Parabens | natural preservatives and a shorter shelf-life
  • Pthalates | none
  • BHT/BHA | rosemary extract (Rosmarinus officinalis)
  • Synthetic silicones | marine (sea algae) collagen and glycerin
  • Synthetic Dyes | we've removed synthetic coloring from all but one of our products and are working toward a 100% dye-free line
  • Benzene | Cyclopentane and Cyclopentasiloxane
  • Fragrance/Parfum | while we do currently use custom-blened fragrances, we are working toward replacing any synthetic scents with natural essential oils.
  • Formaldehyde/DMD | none
  • Petrolatum | none
  • MIT/Methylisothiszolinone | none
  • Plastics | our bottles are now made from bio-resin sugarcane, a renewable, sustainable resource. Using bio-resins also helps reduce the carbon impact on our planet that is generated by the manufacture of traditional plastics.
We are on our way to utilizing 100% plant-based ingredients, like Keravis PE (a plant-derived keratin) and Marine Collagen sourced from sea algae. Our line is 85% vegan; products not certified vegan contain only keratin oils sourced humanely from sheeps wool.

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