6 hair hacks for perfectly healthy looking hair

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1. Use a sodium chloride free wash: 
Creme conditioning washes like our Dreamy Hydrating Co-Wash deep condition as they cleanse, removing impurities without stripping & extending the life of keratin & color treatment. Use only sodium free cleansers on dry, over-processed hair; alternate with regular shampoo of normal to slightly dry hair.
2. Use a leave-in overnight:
Work a light serum or leave-in conditioner (we love Strength x Beauty's' Beautiful Leave In Hydrating Elixir) through your hair before bedtime, and wake up with refreshed, revitalized hair. Using a light conditioner instead of serum means you won't have to shampoo the next morning, just re-style & go!
3. Take care of your scalp:
Apply your  hydrating serum for dry scalp, clarifying toner for oily scalp or thickening serum for thinning strands and massage into scalp.  You can combine this with your overnight conditioner, applying scalp serum first, then conditioner.
4. Treat thermal protection seriously:
It's  super important to protect from sun & high heat. Wear a hat or load up with an spf-based conditioner and braid your hair before hitting the beach; use a thermal defense like our Unbreakable Strengthening Serum before blow drying. Apply gel or conditioner before swimming to create a barrier so chlorine and salt can't penetrate.
5. Think protein and vitamins:    
Eating protein and using protein-based conditioners helps strengthen and keep hair healthy inside & out. Take a daily vitamin rich in biotin, panthenol, iron, copper, vitamins A, E, B, K, and essential fatty acids. Don't forget to hydrate -drink plenty of water to keep your hair supple, silky and shiny.
6. Use Ionic dryers and ceramic tools: Ionic blowers use ionic particles to remove moisture - less heat equals healthier hair. Ceramic plates slide easily without pulling, reducing breakage and damage. They also heat more evenly for a sleeker, more even result.
                          XO, Flygirl Beauty Team

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