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The 'End of Summer' Edit: Late Nights and Sultry, Sexy Hair


(and we've got hair to match the mood)



Get our fave late-summer look in 5 easy steps:  


1. Lightly towel-dry or wrap hair in an Aquis microfiber towel to remove excess water and dry hair faster.

2. Use a super-light smoothing lotion to hydrate ends and prevent frizz without weighing the hair down. Our pick is 2018's award-winning Beauty Balm leave-in conditioner; it controls frizz, adds smooth shine and feels like there's nothing in your hair at all (plus, it won't get sticky in high humidity.

3. Lightly mist Altitude Volume/Texture Spray through root area and rough blow dry on low, air-fluffing to add body. When hair is 75% dry, finish ends with a round (for waves) or paddle brush (for a slightly straighter textured look).

4. Smooth a bit more Beauty Balm around hairline, ends and wherever hair is especially dry or tends to frizz.

5. Flip hair over and liberally spray Altitude Volume/Texture Spray throughout the hair, concentrating on the roots and midshaft like you would a dry shampoo. Let set a few moments, then use fingers to shake out hair, break up waves and separate sections to emphasize texture. Push up a little in the crown with fingers for added volume.


    Simple, sexy, French Girl hair that will last all night (and morning too :)

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