Here are our top tips to keep your hair voluminously healthy (and glowing) this season:

1. Keep it super-hydrated, 2 ways:

Sorry, regular conditioning just doesn't cut it in winter. Two easy but effective changes you can make right now are switching up your regular conditioner with a deep penetrating moisture mask, like Miraculous Intensive Repair which instantly heals and strengthens the hair, and using a leave-in conditioner before all other styling products to add an extra layer of moisture and protection from the cold air. Our award-winning Beauty Balm wins kudos for making your other styling products work even better!

2. Our hair models' secret:                                                                            

In the shower, instead of reaching right for your shampoo, try this quick 1-2-3 and we guarantee your hair will feel brand-spanking-new. First, rinse hair well to remove styling product residue then squeeze to remove excess water and work through a generous scoop of your fave deep conditioner or mask. Let penetrate for a few minutes then lightly shampoo, rinse, squeeze and follow with your favorite daily conditioner to seal, detangle and add shine. Free of sulfates, parabens and gluten, our residue-free Pure Shampoo leaves your hair fresh and full of body.

How it works: The PH of water forces the hair cuticle to open wide and accept the treatment deep inside the hair cortex for maximum hydration and then the PH of shampoo closes the cuticle to lock it in. Following with a daily conditioner seals the cuticle smooth. Who knew?

3. Plus, a conditioning trick for fine hair:

We know women with this hair type tend to avoid conditioner altogether because it can make your hair flat, but skipping this step also leaves hair looking dry and dull. Try reversing the order to condition first, then shampoo like above, but skipping the final condition step - it gives you all of the benefits of conditioning without any of the the weight! Pure Condition is super moisturizing and bodifying.

4. Protect and strengthen:

Use keratin based styling products in winter to provide thermal protection, super sleek styling and powerful shine. Winter hair tends to be dry and static-y, but keratin proteins help plump up and coat the hair cuticle, adding body and shine while the UV and thermal protectors help prevent further drying from the use of heat tools. It's a win-win! Try our keratin-infused Calming Balm (for thicker, coarser hair types) or Intense Blowout (for finer, silkier hair) and see the difference keratin makes.

5. Shampoo less:

Our hair tends to be drier and less oily in winter, so shampooing less is easier and better for your hair. Even when using safe, gentle sulfate-free shampoos and cleansers, the hair and scalp get stripped of their natural oils. So bring on your fave dry shampoo to save time and your hair. Our Virtuous Dry Shampoo does the trick when time is tight or you just want to give your hair a break.

6. Use a Co-Wash (at least some of the time):

If you absolutely must shampoo more often or your hair is coarse or frizzy use a co-(conditioning) wash in place of shampoo. Co-washes are generally sodium (read: salt) free in addition to sulfate free, which is so much better for dry hair. Our customers swear by Marshmallow Creme for a deeply hydrating cleanse and healthier feeling hair.

7. Use a gentle, water absorbing microfiber towel:

Rough, heavy towels pull at the hair and disturb the hair cuticle. In addition to being gentle and lightweight, microfiber draws moisture from the hair while keeping it from frizzing, cutting drying time in half and resulting in a smoother blowout. What could be better than that? We recommend the Lisse Luxe Microfiber Towel made by Aquis; it stays new after multiple washes and comes in fun, bright colors to match any bath.

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