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We know the feeling: dull, dry, chapped and peeling lips are a drag.  
But we've got you covered. Here's an amazingly simple trick to soften, smooth, hydrate and plump. Revitalize and 'pink up' those lips... just in time for spring! 
All you need are a good lip balm and a bit of sugar:
Step 1 Apply lip balm to lower lip with your fingertip and massage in. (Tip: use a balm that's medium weight and not too sticky. We love Glossify 24/7 Lip Balm because its' active ingredients Dermaxyl and Maxilip stimulate blood circulation to brighten lip color & collagen to awesomely plump your lips).
Step 2 Dip your fingertip, still coated with balm into the sugar. Starting in the center of your lower lip, massage in a circular motion working forward and back just over the lip line. Continue to left and right to cover entire lip - usually about 1 minute.  Dip in sugar and repeat on upper lip.
                                                                                                                                                                  Step 3 Use a tissue to thoroughly remove remove excess sugar and dry skin cells.Blot lips and reapply Glossify Lip Balm for a deep, penetrating moisture treatment and super shine. Pucker up those glossy, revitalized lips - he'll be dying to kiss them!

Glossify 24/7 Lip Treatment Balm

Natural peptides Maxi-Lip and Dermaxyl plump and hydrate lips, smooth fine surface lines and improve lip contour by stimulating collagen production.

The patented ingredients have been proven in clinical trials to minimize the appearance of lines, prevent wrinkles and increase lip volume up to 40% when used 3x daily for 30 days or more.

Get yours now for only $6.50!

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