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Let's Hit The Waves

Easy (And Gorgeous) Day-To-Night Beach Waves
3 easy hacks for perfect beach waves day and night,
(plus, our secrets to great summer hair):


  1. Leave-In Conditioner Is The Key to Perfect Waves. Hydration is a must for thick, soft, tousled looked waves (think no stringy, crunchy texture). A good leave-in (and lots of it!) protects your hair from the sun and prevents the absorption of drying sea salt and chlorine. So load up on your leave-in ladies!
  2. Texture Spray Adds More Oopmh. After hydrating the hair thoroughly from root to tip, mist beach spray from mid-lengths to ends and scrunch upwards with your hands to create soft, wavy texture. Let hair dry naturally or flip your head over and use a diffuser on low for extra volume. Just add bikini and go!
  3. Amp Up The Drama For Evening. Dress it up for nighttime by smoothing in a beach balm (or more leave-in conditioner) to smooth and separate. Apply to the crown area first for a sleek look, then work through lightly to the ends to smooth and separate your waves. Here we've parted Charlie's hair down the middle, pulled the sides back and secured with a few pins for a simple, classic dressed-up version of her beachy day look.

Here are the products our team used for both of Charlie's looks:

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