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Here Are Our Customers' Fave Hydrating Marshmallow Creme Body Wash Hacks. (We love them and so will you!)
Total Hair | Body Treat:
1. Shampoo hair and lather up with body soap or Marshmallow Creme Body Wash. Rinse and squeeze excess water from hair, then massage in your fave conditioner, concentrating on ends or problem areas.
2. While you let the conditioner penetrate, liberally apply Marshmallow Creme from shoulders to the tips of your toes and let absorb into the skin. (hint: we whip out the razor at this point for the most amazingly smooth, close shave!!)
3. Rinse hair and body, pat dry. You'll feel silky smooth from head to toe, we promise.
Dry Scalp Fix:
1. Shampoo once or twice depending on how dirty your hair is, then squeeze excess water from your hair.
2. Apply Marshmallow Creme to root area, massaging really well into scalp. Let penetrate for a few minutes (we use this time to apply a facial scrub).* If your facial skin is feeling extra dry, follow up with Face It! our hydrating facial mist.
3. Rinse face and hair well with cool water and finish with your fave conditioner.
Damaged Hair Repair:
1. Alternate your regular shampoo with Marshmallow Creme - or for super damaged hair, use every day until healed*. Marshmallow Creme's sodium chloride-free formula cleanses and deeply hydrates hair at the same time. Follow with your fave conditioner.
* This co-wash is especially good for double processed, high lift bleached & toned or keratin treated hair, you will LOVE how amazing your hair feels!
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