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Calling All Curly Girls: Get Your Beach Waves On!

Whether your looking for soft, textured waves or frizz-free curls, we've got you covered:
  1. Condition-shampoo-condition! Curly and wavy hair need extra hydration. The more moisture inside your hair, the less chance it'll frizz outside. Pre-shampoo conditioning locks moisture deep inside the cuticle to plump each strand for thicker, softer waves and post-shampoo conditioning detangles and smooths. Keep your hair hydrated all day long by spritzing with a moisture mist like Flygirls' Face It! Hydrating Hair and Face Mist - we love its fresh scent and purifying blend of pomegranate, green tea & cucumber extract.
  2. Layer products then section, scrunch and place. Start by applying a small amount of leave-in beauty balm from root to tip as a humidity barrier and to keep the texture soft and smooth, not  crunchy. Then layer products like our Beach Waves Texture Spray followed with Beach Balm Texture Creme to define texture and give it a bit of weight. Next, separate 1-2" wide sections of hair; twirl each around your finger to enhance the wave pattern and gently squeeze it upward in your palm. Let it drop toward the shoulder and continue until all section sections are waved.
  3. Use less heat (and quit being so touchy-feely). Curls and waves lay better when they dry on their own as heat can create flyaways & too much volume. For a relaxed beach wave, apply products then let hair dry naturally, or use a diffuser on low speed about halfway through. Once dry leave it alone; touching the ends or running your fingers through waves and curls stretches them out and causes them to become frizzy. Instead, tousle and break up the curls naturally by placing your fingertips at the scalp and gently shaking to tousle your hair naturally.
  4. Finish with a topcoat. Just like your nails, hair needs a finishing topcoat product like Flygirls' Instant Beauty Balm or Hi Gloss Serum to seal it. Place a few drops  in your palms and rub hands together, then lightly squeeze into the hair all over to set the waves and give your hair a glossy shine while adding a protective humidity shield.
  5. Make it last! Beachy waves can go for days. Just reapply a polishing topcoat daily to reset the waves, smooth messy bedhead and eliminate flyaways. 

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