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3 Simple Shampoo Hacks

1. This one you already know, now you just have to do it: Say NO to Sulfates.
Sulfate-heavy products leave the hair dry and brittle, which increases breakage and split ends.  When you stop using sulfates on your hair and skin you'll see an immediate difference.
  • Editors' Pick: Flygirl Pure Shampoo volume & body shampoo is sulfate, paraben, gluten and cruelty-free; it's even vegan! 
2. Alternate With A Non-Shampoo:  Your hair really does need the natural oil it produces -it's essential for shine and silkiness - so don't over-cleanse:
Use a 'cleansing conditioner' at least every 3rd shampoo to deeply moisturize while it lifts away impurities, leaving your hair hydrated and healthy.
  • Editors'  Tip: Marshmallow-based Creme Cleanser is Sodium Chloride-free too, making it a great option for over-processed, dry, keratin-treated or permed hair.
3. Last But Not Least, Our Absolute #1 FaveSwitch up your cleanse & condition routine: Condition before you shampoo, not after. Really! 
The PH balance of shampoo and cleansers closes down the hair cuticle, so conditioner only coats the outside of your hair shaft. Conditioning first helps it penetrate deep inside where you really need it.
  • For fine hair, condition pre-shampoo only; the conditioner will hydrate your hair but not weigh it down.
  • For thick or dry hair, condition before and after: wet the hair and work your conditioner through thoroughly. Wait a few minutes, then shampoo, and condition again to coat the hair shaft to double the hydration factor and de-tangle long hair.

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