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Quick-Styling Hack: The Faux Blow

Just follow 3 quick steps for our fabulous 'faux-blow' 
...we like it even better than first day hair!
1.  Use dry shampoo - in the roots only: 
Using dry shampoo all over creates sexy bed-head texture, but for a sleek, good as new 'faux-dry' apply it in the root area only, let sit for a few minutes to absorb any oils, then lightly brush through.
2.  Re-condition the ends, get rid of static & pump up the shine:
Next, apply a pea-sized amount of Instant Beauty Balm, Hi-Gloss serum or a little of both to your palms, rub together and distribute evenly through the hair from mid-shaft to ends. For super-dry or coarser hair you may want to repeat this step.
3.  Lightly re-blow, flat iron or wand:        
Section the hair into 3 large sections (the crown to the temples, above the ear to temples, and below the ear). Then, depending on the look you're going for either lightly run through with your styling brush and blower on low or retouch with your iron.
4.  Stretch it out even further (up to 4 days!):
We do a quick brush re-blow on the second day, sleek and smooth with flat iron on the 3rd and tousle with curl wand on the fourth, adding dry shampoo throughout for a sexy textured bombshell look!
XO  Flygirl Beauty Team

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