Are Pre-shampoo conditioners the next big thing?

Have we been doing it all wrong all along?  
We think that just might be the case. Here's why:
1. They truly deep condition without leaving your hair flat: 
We at Flygirl are huge fans of deep conditioning, but know that some hair types drop at the hint of heavy masques. By treating the hair pre-shampoo, all residue is removed and the hair is both conditioned and left with body.
2. Conditioners actually penetrate the hair better before shampoo:
Shampoo brings the hair to a ph balance of neutral, closing the cuticle before you condition. By applying the conditioner first, it can penetrate more deeply into the open cuticle created by the hairs' absorption of water. This means it's also important to apply your deep conditioner to wet hair, not dry.
3. They can help eliminate hair 'snap', static and breakage:        
Most pre-shampoo conditioners and treatments deliver a dose of elastin to help repair your hairs' elasticity by improving its' water retention and its' stretching ability - so it won't snap or break as easily.
4. Your hair will stay cleaner longer (and help that blow out last):
Conditioner residue at the scalp can stimulate oil production. By shampooing the conditioner out, the scalp is left squeaky clean, while ends are hydrated.

5. It's great if you shampoo often, or have curly or really dry hair:
So many of our salon clients feel they need to shampoo every day, or have curly or very dry hair. By conditioning first, you eliminate the drying action of shampoo and it actually rinses out better, leaving no drying residue. And the hair is left more hydrated, improving the texture for curly & dry hair types.
XO  Flygirl Beauty Team

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