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Hair static creeps up on you when you least expect it and leaves you looking like you just put your finger in an electrical outlet. If you’ve always wondered what’s to blame for hair static, look no further than a dry winter and a lack of moisturizing products to tackle the problem before it starts.

 “Static electricity in the hair is caused by a few main factors that you can eliminate” says Lisa Abbey, founder and CEO of new clean, cruelty-free and vegan luxury hair care collection Strength x Beauty. “First, low humidity in the air is a factor, which is why hair statiic is so common in fall and winter or drier climates. An absence of moisture in the hair contributes to the amount of static you’ll have. Also, fine or thinning hair and color-treated hair typically also experience more static than those with healthier hair.” 

The good news, however, is that there are a few things you can do to prevent hair static. Here are Abbey’s suggestions: 

1. Always Use A Moisture-Rich Shampoo and Conditioner In The Winter. “I always recommend clients with all hair types switch to a more hydrating shampoo in fall and winter and make sure they are using a hydrating conditioner–this is key to maintaining hair health in the colder climate and avoiding annoying static.” If your hair is thick, Abbey suggests moisture-replenishing conditioners to smooth the cuticle and “fill” dry spots that are prone to fly-aways. Those with fine or thinning hair need a moisture barrier to plump and protect the hair cuticle, she says, while giving the hair weight. 

2. Add a Leave-In To Your Daily Routine. “Using a light, hydrating leave-in conditioner like our award-winning Beautiful Leave-In Hydrating Elixir can also help reduce static,” Abbey says. “Especially for dry or colored hair that needs a little extra TLC this time of yea.  Using a post-shampoo hydrator returns elasticity to the hair and increases the hair’s ability to retain moisture. It's also great on-the-go to combat static caused by wearing a hat or scarf - just smooth a few drops over dry hair and say goodbye to static and frizz.” 

3. Stay Away From Silicones and Alcohol. Abbey recommends avoiding silicone oils and acohols in your hair products because they tend to be much more drying and produce more hair static. Instead, try a balm or cream-based product that moisturizes each strand as you dry it. “We recommend rich, cream based styling products like those in our Smoothing Strengthening Collection for their conditioning and anti-static properties,” Abbey says. 

4. Upgrade Your Hair Tools. If you aren’t using an ionic blow dryer, you don’t know what you’re missing! Negative ions are the key to achieving the perfect, frizz-free blowout, keeping static at bay and drying your hair in much less time. We love Bio:Ionic hair tools that use moisturizing heat and seal the hair cuticle for a flawless, sleek look.

Another crucial tip? “Don’t over-dry,” Abbey says. “Just like leaving clothes in the dryer too long, over-drying increases static.” While you’re shopping for a new Ionic hairdryer, also pick up a wood or ceramic hairbrush or comb which Abbey says are less static-causing than metal or plastic. Also important: be sure your hot tools are ceramic-plated, not metal which can over-dry and burn the hair.

5. Use A Micro9fiber Hair Towel. Microfiber towels are a girls best friend when it comes to keeping your hair healthy and getting a better blowout. They're  lightweight, so they won't pull on your hair and cause damage when it's wet and at it's most fragile. Microfiber wicks water out of the hair, reducing drying time by half and eliminates frizz too! What's not to love?

6. In A Pinch, Reach For Your Hand Lotion! It's something we often tote in our purses especially now with hand sanitizers drying out our skin. In a pinch when you've forgotten your favorite leave-in, a bit of lotion will smooth your hair down enough to get rid of static – but it will do so at the expense of your hair’s volume. This trick is definitely a last resort.

- Lisa Fogarty, Beauty Writer,

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